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Watch France 24 News Live, The France 24 News Channel is a famous TV Channel in France. The channel offers 24 hours live transmission covering News, Current affairs, Politics, Sports, Talk Shows, Business, Technology News, International News, and many more. The channel was launched on the 6th of December 2006 and has its headquarters in Paris, France the content language of the channel is French, and the picture format is 1080i HDTV. The Channel is owned by France M├ędias Monde, The sister channels of France 24 News Include France 24 English. The popular program and segments being covered by France 24 Include News Coverage, News Magazines, and Special Reports. The renowned people working with France 24 Channel include Alain de Pouzilhac and Marc Saikali. The official website of the channel is France 24. For more information about France 24 TV is available at Wikipedia
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