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To Watch Al Jazeera Live English Scroll down and click the play button in the desired section of your choice. Aljazeera is a well-renowned News TV Channel Formerly known as Jazeera Satellite Channel having headquarters in Doha, Qatar, was launched on 12 November 1996. The coverage area of the channel is the whole world, the programming language is Arabic and the English language channel. Al Jazeera is Owned By beIN Media Group and Al Jazeera Media Network.  Sister channels include Aljazeera Arabic, Aljazeera Mubasher, Aljazeera Balkans, Aljazeera Documentary Channel. Aljazeera is the channel offering News, Analysis from the Middle East, Multimedia, Documentaries, Opinions, Schedule of Broadcasting, and long reads. Aljazeera is one of the most popular News channels of the Arabic and Muslim world, having an identity, fame, and reputation around the world. The TV channel has a unique position in the media and news world of world. The famous programs of Al Jazeera include Talk to Al Jazeera, The Opposite Direction, Empire, Cinema In A Week, Al-Jazeera This Morning, A Book is the Best Companion, For Women Only, World of Technology, and Many are famous Shows of Al Jazeera.

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​The Al Jazeera the News Organization which works freely and the Qatari Government had a part in funding the Organization. In 2006 name of Al Jazeera Satellite Network was changed into "Al Jazeera Media Network" and the working of the TV channel was changed to a private corporation which is working for Public Benefit. The first channel of Al Jazeera was "Al Jazeera Arabic" which is the first ever independent news channel in the World of Arab, and it was launched in 1996. The "Al Jazeera English" was launched in 2006 and currently has more than 10 sister channels and segments and more than 70 bureaus around the world, while Al Jazeera has a world-class infrastructure and potential which makes it one of the leading and most influential channel in the World.

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